Things I Will Teach You, My Daughter

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When I gave birth to my little miss, I was pretty much anxious of how I'm going to be as a mom. Life taught me a lot of things and I thought of writing this as my way of letting her learn through my eyes.
  1. Red lipstick is an all-time eye-catcher.
  2. Smiling is the best weapon you can have.
  3. Be responsible over the things and tasks that you were assigned (whether she likes it or not).
  4. It's difficult to find real friends. When you find one, treasure him/her.
  5. Family will always be there no matter what.
  6. Make yourself aware. 
  7. Have an opinion.
  8. Be aggressive yet cooperative.
  9. Read, read and read.
  10. Grades in school won't define who you are. Strive more.
  11. Assert yourself when the situation calls for it.
  12. Don't go on a diet all the time. Live a healthy life.
  13. Don't get too clingy over your boyfriend. He will leave for you another sooner or later unless he's the one. 
  14. Appreciate life (and everything bad).
  15. Use lotion all the time. It will save you from skin curse.
  16. Look up to your parents and swear that you will be like them or better when you become one.
  17. Siblings fights are normal. You will realize this when you get a bit older.
  18. You will value money once you earn it by yourself.
  19. There exists such an idea as "hell week" but don't be afraid because you'll get over it.
  20. Going to church is a not a measure of your faith to Him.
  21. Have your eyebrows shaped regularly.
  22. You will have to ditch your friends once in a while. Don't be bothered about it as long as you make up to them.
  23. Give gifts that are useful.
  24. Hydrate yourself.
  25. Teach your child all the things you learned, be it good or bad.

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