Flower Power In Summer

Monday, March 31, 2014

Since it's summer already, the power of flowers gives freshness in spite the heat. I don't know if you'll agree with me but I just love how floral print can be mixed and matched with anything. Even floral to floral works if you're brave enough to try! And since I love the power Polyvore gives me to explore fashion items, I've rounded up my favorite floral items which will work best this summer.

Short collar shift dresses always works for women who want to feel young and cute. Whenever I wear this kind of clothing, it gives me the vibe of school. 

Pastel Floral Print Collar Shift Dress

I have always wanted to try platform sneakers. For a woman not blessed with the "supermodel" height, I guess this is a gift for me to look a bit taller.

Floral Platform Sneakers

Who said that you cannot wear scarf during summer? 

Floral Print Lightweight Spring Infinity Loop Scarf

Wear that bold statement necklaces to complement the heat of summer.

Kate Spade Giverny Floral Multi -Strand Necklace

And pack your things up in a big tote like this. You surely can't go wrong with it.

Tory Burch Floral Printed Cotton Tote

What's your staple floral item this summer?

P.S Visit my Polyvore account here if you have time too!

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Buffalo Chicken Recipe

Buffalo Chicken was always one of my favourite dishes since the "Don Henricos(?)" days. 
Does that restaurant still exist in Manila? 
Anyways, this one is a new recipe. 
Since this dish is one of my favourites, I was looking for an easy recipe for a while. 
My friend has one (which is so yummy, btw) but the recipe includes Worcestershire Sauce that is incredibly hard to find here in Japan.
I finally found this on the internet, and tweaked it a bit (as always). 

Here's what you need:

300-400g of chicken wings
1tsp garlic powder
1tsp salt
1-2 cups of flour
1/4 cup yakiniku (korean bbq) sauce
1/4 cup tomato catsup
3 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sugar
2tbsp melted butter

Boil the chicken with garlic powder and salt. 
Just taking off excess oil here so you do not need to cook the chicken here.

Cover chicken with flour, then fry until golden brown. 
(I do not want to deep-fry because it uses too much oil.)
Chicken with bones are hard to cook so be careful and make sure they are cooked.

Mix all the other ingredients in a bowl.

Put on cooked chicken and mix it all-together.

There it goes! Sprinkle dried parsley for colour!
Enjoy! ;)

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Feel Good About The Bump!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We've all dreamed of becoming a mother to our child. We've been to a point of imagining how it is to havethat big belly with a little human in it.

For some part, I hate the morning sickness the pregnancy gave me. I hate how my body react to the food I ate. When I get past it, I felt pretty good and felt the "glow" everyone is talking about.

I say that whether you're scared of how things will turn out or how lonely you can get because of the mood swings, be happy and feel good about that bump because that's your angel inside.

What can you do to feel good?

  1. Exercise. There are tons of video tutorials for pregnant women which you can watch and follow. Don't do it all just because you want to be active. Choose one that you think you can do.
  2. Continue to do your routine. Just avoid heavy lifting.
  3. Learn to rest once in a while.
  4. Put on that makeup. Yes! Have fun and feel pretty
  5. Think happy thoughts. I believe this is the most important one because your baby feels what you feel. Give yourself a break when you feel like being sad or crying.

Here are some of the photos I have during my pregnancy. My high school bestfriends decided to do a little photoshoot that will remind us of this important stage in my life.

This one's my favorite!

Thanks to my girls who served as sponges when I rant about things. So to all moms-to-be there, be proud to show that bump. Don't be afraid to put on some makeup and dress beautifully. 

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The Day I Turned 30

I often contemplate at night like it is a hobby (LOL) and last night, I felt like contemplating.

Since my mid 20's I frequently felt like I was such a strange person. There was a lot of contradictions to my actions and feelings, It was hard to understand myself of what kind of person do I really want to be. I try to be nicer and frendlier, but then I feared of rejection. I try to be just myself as they usually say, but then I sometimes feel awful. 

As the year goes, I could slowly accept who I am more. Then surprisingly, when I turned 30 (just a week ago), it came to me... Might be the additional 10 years of wisdom uploaded on me, gaining me a little bit of confidence. It felt like a 10-year upgrade.

It is your morals that makes you. I mean not of anybody, but YOURS. Any criticisms from others are not important. You know what you felt and thought at that exact moment. They don't. I'm not saying you should not take advices and listen to someone else's wisdom. By any means, absorb them. I'm saying you should know yourself more than anybody. By knowing yourself, you gain confidence to be just as you are. Also gaining the ability to assess yourself and be better than your old self, not than someone else. Sure, it is easier to be confident when you're all that, but being you is special. Accept it. Learn it. Love it. 
Now that I thought about it, I used to be like this when I was younger. I don't know what happened but I'm relieved it came back! Haha!

As I also said in our past post, I am an intuitive person. 
I sense all vibes fast which of course includes the negative. I used to get all fed up and feel sad about it, but I realized it is not important too. All of us have our own set of insecurities that makes us vulnerable to be accepted. As long as you yourself know your grounds, and both parties keep a necessary amount of respect, do not let those things easily affect you. Let them be. Just make sure to not step on anyone along the way, and also be on their shoes. 

I still have a lot of contradictions up here in my mind now, but I do not feel that crazy anymore. Not just because I have a little bit more confidence than before, not just because I know my grounds. It is because I also know now that it is not just me who feels flawed. It is not just me who is fighting against their inner darkness. In fact, these flaws and craziness makes us perfect in our own many ways. 

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My Spring/Summer Favourites

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I've been an A4 sized bag lover all my life, but recently, I find it tiring to bring a huge bag (maybe due to old age. LOL). So I was looking for a bag that fits a B5 sized paper, so the documents I need to bring still fits in one fold, and a PET bottled water that I usually bring, would still fit. I was also looking for a bag that is authentic leather, retain its shape, and trendy. 
So here is what I found after a couple of searches. 
Beaure bags here in Japan are known for their soft leather. And this design in particular caught my eye because it is not the usual structured bag that is on trend right now, 
but somehow got the look maybe because of the square punches. 
Sad to say, I think Beaure are only available here in Japan, but I hope they'd go international soon.

Beaure Leather Shoulder Bag 

I've been eyeing for this wallet for years now. I change my wallet every 2 years, and I found it back then. I was torn between an Anya Hindmarch silver woven wallet, and a gold Kate Spade wallet with a huge bow in front. Miss Kate Spade won, but I still can't forget about this beauty after 2 years. This is my year to change wallet so if my favourite brand Kate Spade won't be releasing a new collection anytime soon, I think I'd go for this one this time.
Carillon is an original brand from a small shop in Daikanyama, Tokyo called Clochette. They use high quality Italian Leather in unique prints like this one.

Carillon Flower Print Wallet

I guess this one does not need much explanation. They are on trend, I find it cute, and I want to try it since I don't have one yet. The end. ;)

Denim Overalls

I love window shopping on Etsy nowadays, especially for jewelries. I found this pretty monogram necklace that is 100% one of a kind since they don't just use fonts like the other shops. Before making the monogram, they will sketch the design and will first ask for your approval.
This shop ships internationally so you might want to check their shop soon.

Gold-plated Monogram Necklace

Being a petite, I love platform footwear even before they we're on trend. I love white, and I love the wedge design. It's perfect for the spring-summer season.

Randa Platform Sandals

Let's all go shopping soon! 

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Friday, March 28, 2014

I said this on our introduction post - I am a Dreamer. By dream, I did not just meant the hopes and goals for the future. What I meant was actually the daydreams, your dreams at night... You know, REM state? Yes, that is mostly what I was talking about.

Call me lucky (I call it a talent), I could 70% control what to dream of. 
When I say I want to dream of a certain something, I could! 
My dreams also gives me what I need. When I feel sad, I dream a hug from someone. When I get confused, I dream of the answers. The so-called answers are weird most of the time, but I enjoy interpreting my dreams and it also helps me understand myself better. You could say it is my anchorage, and definitely one of the things I cannot live without. I always feel a whole lot better after a good night dream. Another bonus is that I seldomly have nightmares now that I'm creating what to dream of!

I do not consider myself as a lucid dreamer since I cannot control what happens inside my dream, but I want to be one. It's fun creating what to dream of, but I bet it is more fun to control what happens!

You want to try creating your own dreams too? I say use your imagination. Just relax, feel the weight of your body and try to imagine the things you would like to dream about before falling asleep. 

Most people I know also says that they couldn't remember their dreams and they say it is one important factor for creating your dreams. 
So here's a quick tip: 
Do not move (especially your head) or wake up without recalling what you dreamt of. It is apparently harder to access the parts of your brain when the neurones of your muscles are activated. Try to remember just a single scene at first, then gradually move on and remember everything you dreamt of.

And as for the other dream (hopes and goals), my life is proof. I had a roller-coaster childhood, I have my ups and downs, but I am truly blessed to always get what I hope for. I am beyond grateful to God for guiding me through this path I am taking. As I quote from my past blog - I already saw my rainbow and I'm on my journey to reach it. :)

Never stop dreaming! 

All images taken from

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Marshmallow Love with Canmake

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I was introduced to Canmake by my cousin ( who we all know as the other Aries quaintrelle) when she visited the Philippines last time. She brought with her Canmake goodies for us. Yay!

Just last year, this brand of cosmetics came to the Philippines. I was very excited then since I was familiar with it.  Buzz was created online through a lot of famous fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

They also launched an online contest entitled "Me and my Bestfriend". All their followers had to do was to post a photo with their best friend, and get as many likes as it can get. This kind of contest thrills me so I immediately joined and fortunately I won. I use below photo as my entry.

I don't have a lot of Canmake makeups because the brand just came in the Philippines last year. But the ones that I have are my frequently used items.

It's hard to find a prefectly fitting BB cream in the Philippines. I tried other brands but most of it just smudge off my face. When I try to wipe it with a cloth or tissue paper, I'll notice the color of the BB cream there. Having found Canmake's Pefect Serum BB Cream answered my prayers. Despite the hot weather in Manila, this cream stays for a long period of time. It's light yet it offers UV Protection (SPF 50 PA+++) in a sheerer formula.  Canmake's Perfect Serum BB Cream has a soft yet satin finish which I love the most. Once applied, it doesn't feel sticky which is a great advantage for people with oily skin (like mine) living with a weather like here in Manila.

If you're not into BB creams and prefer the use of foundations, try Canmake's 5 Effects Foundation. It comes in a kawaii pink packaging which sometimes look like props for animes. Got my foundation in 03 which I think is just right for my skintone. Usually I just dab a light portion of it to my face since I'm not a foundation person.  It has moisturizing effects, SPF31 PA++, foundation and finishing powder effect. It has light coverage which I ultimately like. Since I'm not the type who apply powder all the time, I try to use this product for retouching and it serves the deal.

Canmake's Creamy Touch Rouge (01) - Marshmallow Pink is an all-time favorite of mine! It's not too bold and not too light. It justifies its name "marshmallow" because it gives you supple lips when applied. It has a creamy texture and your lips won't get chapped if you use it. Although not matte, this lipstick is shimmer-free so it's best for those who like it that way.

These three items are worth the loot so try it now!

You can visit Canmake Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to update yourself about their latest offerings.

By the way, here's my photo wearing Canmake goodies! Kawaii~~

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Mustard Chicken Steak Recipe

This recipe is now a staple dish you would see on our household may be once a month or more. 
I love that it is so easy, and you could also bake it or arrange it into chicken rolls! 
I'm sharing the chicken rolls recipe next time. :)

For now, here's what you'll need:

2 chicken breasts meat
1tbsp salt
4tbsp mayonnaise
3tbsp mustard

Wash the meat and put salt. Set aside for a couple of minutes.

Slather on mayonnaise and mustard. 
The mayonnaise keeps the chicken moist and tender, and the mustard gives a tangy accent I love.

Fry on medium heat starting on the skin, until golden brown.

Ta-dah! Tangy savoury goodness!

 Serve with any veggie of choice!

Happy cooking! :)


Basic Flower Arrangement Tips

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We girls love flowers. (Ok, most.)
They're pretty, and I believe it also transmits healing energy. 

I also love the feeling of having able to express yourself by arranging. 
So a few years back, I decided to have flower arrangement lessons and went for 6 months.

These are the flower arrangements I made:

Strawberry Field Theme for my daughter's 2nd Strawberry Theme Party

A Vertical Arrangement

Arranging flower textures

Round/Oval Shaped Arrangement

Diamond Shaped Arrangement

Spring Themed Arrangement

Japanese Matsuri Themed Arrangement

Enhancing one type of flower

Christmas Themed Arrangement

Here are some flower arrangement tips:
1. Follow a certain theme and/or shape.
This makes arranging easier for us beginners. 
2. Same as human faces, the faces of flowers also have their best angle.
Find their angle, and try make sure that every single one is facing their best 
and try not to cover even a single face!
3. Flowers also have their roles in an arrangement: 
-The Mass is the Lead Role
-The Fillers that fills up the spaces
-The Form that enhances the Main Flowers
-The Line that gives flow and movement

I suggest checking on different images of flower arrangement to give you inspirations. Magazines, books or even just on the internet. This would give you an eye to creating an arrangement in your own style that you are most confident with. 

My most recent arrangement includes sweet pea for my daughter's 4th Birthday Party

Hope this Helps! Happy Arranging! :)

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