Welcoming My Little Miss

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More than a month ago, I was very nervous and excited for the coming of my little miss. I was anxious on how tedious my life would be the moment she arrives. I was thankful I got a break from all those thinking by celebrating all that's left of me being just a single human being to becoming one with my little miss.

Tadah! I got myself a DIY baby shower with the help of my siblings and good friends. Googling all over the internet on how to do it the cute and girly way, I got myself some courage and all necessary legwork to put things all up.

Luckily, I was successful in creating those DIY baby shower decors I found in the internet. I felt so fulfilled after working on with my creative juices. These are snippets of what I made out of the tutorials in Youtube and Pinterest.

E- Invitation: I asked a former officemate of mine, one who I call "nay", to make my e-invitation inspired by ribbons, polka dots and all pink.

Decor: Since this one is for my little miss, I supposedly wanted everything floral so I feel very happy when all the colorful pinwheels turned out to look good. The floral pompoms I made also complimented the yellow wall of our receiving area and the table cloth with pink tulle on it.

I also searched for some baby shower printables which I used to decor the whole area. I also used some as a "leave-a-message-to-the-mom-to-be".

Food: I served pasta, buko salad, cake, nachos and mini-burgers since it started at 7pm and we assumed that everyone would go hungry once they arrive. Partly I was right but there were a lot of leftover too! My HS best friend also gave cupcakes with pink frosting on it as a gift. I also had a "candy area" with all those pink and purple color to match the theme of the baby shower.

Party Favor: As souvenir to all my thoughtful friends, we gave them a homemade peppermint sugar scrub in a little pink jar. All my college bestfriend did was to mix the peppermint oil, white sugar and pink coloring and voila! Just be careful though in using the coloring liquid because the output might get too dark.

Yay! This baby shower is truly a break from all the mood swings I got during the pregnancy. All went fine and I feel very loved during this day.

If you're one lucky expectant mom, don't be afraid to throw a baby shower for yourself! Let me know your thoughts about this. *wink*

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