Interview 101

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1. What are your passions?

Rika: I feel the energy and motivation when I could just envision myself to be an ideal mother and a better person that my daughter would be proud of.
Euna: I love it when I'm moving. I hate routines. I just love the rush of life, the rush when I want to achieve something that will make me a better person.

2. What made you decide to do blogging?

Rika: I started blogging 2007 to write about my wedding preparations and my online shopping buys. I moved once because I got uncomfortable back then with the growing number of readers. I kept it low until now, here on Aries Quaintrelles. I guess I always need an outlet to just let out what's on my mind.
Euna: I really wanted to do blogging way back. The motivation is there but I just feel I can't maintain it. I guess blogging has its way of making me go back. The desire to just talk about almost anything through blog is always here in me. it just needs a little push.

3. In what ways would you like to see your blog evolve?

Rika: I just want a happy place to share with everyone who has the same interests as mine.
Euna: I agree. I see it as a niche of people with the same interests. I also want it to be a place where everyone can input something new for everyone to see.

4. Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration.

Rika: My inspiration/influences are all based on instincts, sensing the upcoming trends, and knowing what fits me. I used to love the romantic frills and lace style when I was younger. I still find them pretty and I could still wear them depending on the event, but now I am more attracted to a sassy creative style with a touch of boho.
Euna: One would sometimes see me wearing baggy clothes, usually in neutral colors. The next you would see me all in bouncing colors with frills. If you're lucky, you would also spot me in that try-me sexy dresses. I also love pairing my outfit with red lipstick, most especially in gloomy days.

5. Your favorite colour(s) of the moment are:

Rika: My all-time favourite colour is pink. As of the moment, it is navy, purples, white, and pastel green.
Euna: I love white, pink, purple and anything pastel as of the moment. I like the fresh vibes it gives me.

6. Websites you read on a daily basis:

Rika: I check Allwomenstalk every night, and basically just what is on my Facebook newsfeed like Huffington Post and Elite Daily.
Euna: News from Yahoo! and PDI. Mushy thoughts from Thought Catalog. Funny articles and useful DIY from BuzzFeed. Trends from Lookbook and Harper's Bazaar.

7. What can't you live without?

Rika: My lovely daughter, my phone and my dreams.
Euna: My little miss (Of course!), phone or laptop, lip balm.

8. In the year 2016 you will be:

Rika: Just a two-year upgraded version of myself.
Euna: Euna 2.0 or maybe Euna Octacore. You guess what that mean!

9. When do you pick what to wear for the next day?

Rika: I used to be a Fashion Advisor so I needed to think (sometimes a couple) of what outfit to wear to work the day before. So basically, I pick what to wear for the next day almost everyday back then. I still pick what to wear the night before when I have plans of going out.
Euna: For most of the time, I pick it right after I take a bath. Maybe that's the reason why I was always late at school when I was in college and when I was in my first work. For special occasions, which is rare, I pick it a night before. I also try it because I need to assure myself that I will look at my piercing best!

10. Hypothetically, if you believe in reincarnation, which character, thing or person do you feel you might have been in a past life, and why?

Rika: Would you believe, I actually tried those past life regression videos on Youtube out of curiosity, since I heard from a friend that she tried it. So yeah, I watched and followed the instructions on the video and saw my most recent past life. According to what I saw was a hectic businesswoman with short curled brunette hair and a hat, a double breasted black blazer jacket, and red lips. I see she was like channeling Coco Chanel. So I guess at the back of my mind, that was the person I feel I might have been. Although I used to imagine myself being a goddess or a princess, but who doesn't, right?
Euna: I might have been someone so rude to her immediate family, or maybe to someone else. My former boss, who does feng shui, tells me that the present life is the product of the past. A lot of struggles has been happening to me even before so I guess I have been so bad in my past life. 

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