My First Race to the Finish!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Yes! You definitely heard that right. I was in a triathlon event just this May 25 in the very picturesque The Bellevue Resort. 

Not knowing how to run a real triathlon, it's very surprising to know that it's similar to just organizing a party. The only difference is the supplies needed and how long it runs. Literally, this event ran for days from registration to awarding night.

DEFY 123 Triathlon, I guess, is one famous triathlon in the Philippines. It's not one of those hard core racing activities that you see in TV. Like what the participants said, it's more of a friendly competition among them.

Did I also tell you that this was my first time to go to Bohol? And to visit the resort my company is managing? Hitting two birds with one stone it is.

If you see it from the Presidential Suite, you'll definitely appreciate more what this resort offers!

Pardon my outfit above but I really just have to take a photo of me in the middle of a Koi pond.
I needed some photo with the athletes and at the race proper! :">


With our boss :)

We even met Matteo Guidicelli before heading back home! What a real surprise! :)

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Dashi-maki Tamago Recipe

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Do you have a rectangular egg pan/broiler which you aren't sure how to use? Well, yes you could make a rectangular pancake or omelet, but I'm sure you'll find it more fun and useful if you make this! :)

Here's what you need:
3-4 tbsp of shiro-dashi/combu tsuyu plus same amount of water (or I think any soup broth would work too)
1 tbsp mayonnaise
A little dash of salt and sugar
3 eggs

Mix all the ingredients aside from eggs.

Add eggs, and mix well. 

Pour 3/4 of the mixture on heated pan.

Then fold it thrice, like this before the egg becomes cooked.
This would make our Dashi-maki juicer.

Repeat the steps.

Until it becomes likes this.
This turned out to be not that perfect, but yeah, the shape should be something like this. :p

You may add it as an additional viand to an obento to add color!
Make it into a heart shape like this too! :)

A little advice in making obentos:
That in Japanese Obentos, colors and textures are important. There should preferably be Yellow - thus it is a basic option to have eggs on an obento, Green - for veggies, Brown - meat that is most probably the main viand, and Red -tomatoes, sweet peppers, etc. Also make or cut them into different shapes to make it look more fun and eye-catchy. Remember to fill in the spaces as much as possible so the viands would stay put on their places too. Try making a Japanese-y Obento the next time you're making your lunch box! 

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