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Saturday, March 29, 2014

I've been an A4 sized bag lover all my life, but recently, I find it tiring to bring a huge bag (maybe due to old age. LOL). So I was looking for a bag that fits a B5 sized paper, so the documents I need to bring still fits in one fold, and a PET bottled water that I usually bring, would still fit. I was also looking for a bag that is authentic leather, retain its shape, and trendy. 
So here is what I found after a couple of searches. 
Beaure bags here in Japan are known for their soft leather. And this design in particular caught my eye because it is not the usual structured bag that is on trend right now, 
but somehow got the look maybe because of the square punches. 
Sad to say, I think Beaure are only available here in Japan, but I hope they'd go international soon.

Beaure Leather Shoulder Bag 

I've been eyeing for this wallet for years now. I change my wallet every 2 years, and I found it back then. I was torn between an Anya Hindmarch silver woven wallet, and a gold Kate Spade wallet with a huge bow in front. Miss Kate Spade won, but I still can't forget about this beauty after 2 years. This is my year to change wallet so if my favourite brand Kate Spade won't be releasing a new collection anytime soon, I think I'd go for this one this time.
Carillon is an original brand from a small shop in Daikanyama, Tokyo called Clochette. They use high quality Italian Leather in unique prints like this one.

Carillon Flower Print Wallet

I guess this one does not need much explanation. They are on trend, I find it cute, and I want to try it since I don't have one yet. The end. ;)

Denim Overalls

I love window shopping on Etsy nowadays, especially for jewelries. I found this pretty monogram necklace that is 100% one of a kind since they don't just use fonts like the other shops. Before making the monogram, they will sketch the design and will first ask for your approval.
This shop ships internationally so you might want to check their shop soon.

Gold-plated Monogram Necklace

Being a petite, I love platform footwear even before they we're on trend. I love white, and I love the wedge design. It's perfect for the spring-summer season.

Randa Platform Sandals

Let's all go shopping soon! 

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