Friday, March 28, 2014

I said this on our introduction post - I am a Dreamer. By dream, I did not just meant the hopes and goals for the future. What I meant was actually the daydreams, your dreams at night... You know, REM state? Yes, that is mostly what I was talking about.

Call me lucky (I call it a talent), I could 70% control what to dream of. 
When I say I want to dream of a certain something, I could! 
My dreams also gives me what I need. When I feel sad, I dream a hug from someone. When I get confused, I dream of the answers. The so-called answers are weird most of the time, but I enjoy interpreting my dreams and it also helps me understand myself better. You could say it is my anchorage, and definitely one of the things I cannot live without. I always feel a whole lot better after a good night dream. Another bonus is that I seldomly have nightmares now that I'm creating what to dream of!

I do not consider myself as a lucid dreamer since I cannot control what happens inside my dream, but I want to be one. It's fun creating what to dream of, but I bet it is more fun to control what happens!

You want to try creating your own dreams too? I say use your imagination. Just relax, feel the weight of your body and try to imagine the things you would like to dream about before falling asleep. 

Most people I know also says that they couldn't remember their dreams and they say it is one important factor for creating your dreams. 
So here's a quick tip: 
Do not move (especially your head) or wake up without recalling what you dreamt of. It is apparently harder to access the parts of your brain when the neurones of your muscles are activated. Try to remember just a single scene at first, then gradually move on and remember everything you dreamt of.

And as for the other dream (hopes and goals), my life is proof. I had a roller-coaster childhood, I have my ups and downs, but I am truly blessed to always get what I hope for. I am beyond grateful to God for guiding me through this path I am taking. As I quote from my past blog - I already saw my rainbow and I'm on my journey to reach it. :)

Never stop dreaming! 

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