Feel Good About The Bump!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We've all dreamed of becoming a mother to our child. We've been to a point of imagining how it is to havethat big belly with a little human in it.

For some part, I hate the morning sickness the pregnancy gave me. I hate how my body react to the food I ate. When I get past it, I felt pretty good and felt the "glow" everyone is talking about.

I say that whether you're scared of how things will turn out or how lonely you can get because of the mood swings, be happy and feel good about that bump because that's your angel inside.

What can you do to feel good?

  1. Exercise. There are tons of video tutorials for pregnant women which you can watch and follow. Don't do it all just because you want to be active. Choose one that you think you can do.
  2. Continue to do your routine. Just avoid heavy lifting.
  3. Learn to rest once in a while.
  4. Put on that makeup. Yes! Have fun and feel pretty
  5. Think happy thoughts. I believe this is the most important one because your baby feels what you feel. Give yourself a break when you feel like being sad or crying.

Here are some of the photos I have during my pregnancy. My high school bestfriends decided to do a little photoshoot that will remind us of this important stage in my life.

This one's my favorite!

Thanks to my girls who served as sponges when I rant about things. So to all moms-to-be there, be proud to show that bump. Don't be afraid to put on some makeup and dress beautifully. 

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