Husband Material?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Having a family background like mine, I've always dreamed of a family that has strong family values and close ties. With a husband that would be on your side to lead you to the family that you will be a part of, while also creating a new one that is for you and your child.

Here's some of my thoughts of how a man should be before thinking about marriage:

Considers you as family
This one is very important. A man who does not consider you as family will never be able to really take care of you like he should. The first on the list of immediate family is a spouse. Intimacy vanishes the moment he chooses someone else over you especially when you're not even making them choose. Trust gradually disappears when he does it repeatedly. Do youself a favor and don't let yourself be a broken woman.

Has enough self esteem
Over confident men are a total turn off, but a man with low esteem is worst. While a shy man may be cute, and you do need to be a cheerleader, but anyone wouldn't want to be a psychologist all the time when you've signed up to be a wife. A man should have more guts than a woman. It can be tiring when you always do things for a man which is not included in your domestic responsibilities. You are to be his wife, not his mother. No matter how strong a woman is, she will still be needing someone to depend on and take the lead.

Sees the depths of you
If your man is first to judge and does not seem to see the good in you, he is not worth it. A little rant to his friends once in a while is harmless but if he does not realise all the things that you do for him, even after everything yo do, then leave. Why choose a man who does not really admire and adore you?
It may be hard to find someone who understand your beliefs, but if something happens, you need a man to at least be on your side.

Not lazy
It is a man's responsibility to be a provider for his family. A man's role is to work hard and provide, while a woman's role is to take care of the children and make a home. Men who thinks that it is unfair that you are not "working" while he is, is definitely an issue that is hard to resolve.
Lazy days are appreciated though, because we all need a day to just lay around and be couch potato once in a while.

Seeks Knowledge
Most men might not want to read a book and rather play a sport but it helps a lot and keep everything exciting if they observe their environment to absorb knowledge. It could be disappointing when you can't talk about something that really interests you just because they are not familiar and does not care.
What is more frustrating when you've read marriage advices and tips but nothing is working. Why? Because they don't care and do not even notice.

This goes a long way. A man should show real sympathy and empathy. A woman wants to be truly loved and cared about. He should show true efforts with good intentions. Not just a bad show to make you cool down and shut up.

Takes care of his own health
Hey, no one wants an ugly unfit man that would die earlier than you because he would not take care of himself.

Stays Faithful
I've got no further explanation about this. I believe it doesn't even need one. 

We may all know that men are more immature than women. It may be too much to ask that they should realise all these right then and there. So I say he should just be able to figure it out before we decide whether he is a husband material or not because that would be such a loss, right?

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