Happy Easter Sunday

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter Sunday Celebration started with me cooking Lasagna.
My first try was a fail, because the white sauce was also a fail that time.
Now thanks to my super easy white sauce recipe, my 2nd try was a success! I just added 2 tablespoons of cream cheese to the original recipe. 

I made my meat sauce the night before, so all I did was the white sauce, cook the pasta, and put them all in the dish and bake!

Then we went to hear Mass at the St. Mary's Cathedral in Tamatsukuri. There were a lot people since it is Easter Sunday. I also loved that I knew all the songs that was sang. I remember my high school choir days. :)

This is actually the church that the husband and I went to when we're still dating.
Oh well, those we're the days. LOL. Kidding aside, I really love it here.
Just too bad it is so far from our house now.

The main cathedral will apparently be on construction starting next month for one whole year.

We all went to Namba afterwards, then I finally found a bag that fits my criteria perfectly! (Well almost - I was looking for a medium sized bag that fits a bottled water, lunch if necessary, my wallet and a B5 file that is either in colour yellow, ivory, or bicolour, with a ribbon or tassel, and preferable 2 or 3 way) This is a 2 way bag. It could be a long shoulder bag or a back-pack, it fits what I mostly need and is in colour ivory. Good enough and cheap enough so I bought it right away! Hehee.

Ended the day with a hot bath and chillax with my sweetie pie! 

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