I Am My Own Wedding Planner

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Organizing events is one of my forte. I may sound boastful but that's true. Given the ample budget and instructions, I know I would ace the event. 

Actually being a wedding planner/organizer is still one of my dream jobs. I dream of organizing my own wedding too. And I hope someday I would be able to put up a business like that because the rush and all excite me.

Maybe I was also inspired by my cousin's wedding a few years back.

Let me walk you through my dream wedding...

COLOR PALETTE. Since I wasn't able to have something memorable for my 18th birthday, I want my wedding to be the perfect fit of my dreams.Tones of peach, pink and gold as my wedding palette is my top pick for a sophisticated yet sweet look.

THEME. Something romantic with ethereal accents. I want my choice of subtle colors complement the theme.

VENUE. I want my wedding intimate and be be celebrated at Paco Park, Manila. I realized how beautiful this place is for a wedding when I was about to graduate in the university. 

SETUP. Since I want my reception to be at the same venue as the church, a garden setup would best fit my preference. I don't want something extravagant. 

I hope I could transfer it to something like an enchanted kingdom with a see through tent like the one below.

CAKE. I want a 3 tier cake with cupcake tower incorporated in it.

FLOWERS. I want a biedermeier bouquet of red, pink and coral Carnation for my wedding. But infusing pink Roses to the Carnation would do the trick too. For my girls, I want kissing balls of white Carnation or pink Roses.

 MUSIC. I want a softer and a girl-rendition of All of Me by John Legend. An instrumental of Yiruma is okay too. I hope one of my girls, Anne, would do the honor of singing when I walk down the aisle.

WEDDING FAVOR. Believe it or not, I believe in luck. My previous boss told me that my lucky animals are horse and rabbit. So if given a chance, I'll give this little gold horse paperweight as my favor.

BRIDESMAIDS. I want all my girls to wear this dainty dress with light metallic pink shade.

MY LOOK. The overall look is something that look like the image below. The gown's very much soft in texture but is also sexy at the same time. In spite the tradition of white gown, I want mine to be ivory in color. It reminds me the color of real pearls. It looks more chic than pure white.

Someday... this dream wedding will turn into reality.

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