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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Curious about what your face means? I have read a lot of meanings of different face types and I have come across this article which discusses an in-depth meaning of face.


Hair, according to this article, shows our physical resiliency. Having this coarse hair with thick strands means a strong physical drive and quick recuperative powers. Who would have thought that it would partly be true?

The forehead, on the other hand, is related to intelligence. I guess I don’t have much of a high forehead so I’ll consider mine flat which means forward-thinking. Most of the time I am like that but probably it’s normal to be like that.

As to my low-set eyebrows, it means I am likely to experience periods of self-doubt. I guess those are moments when I am feeling down and unsure.

My oblong face shape means practicality, reliance on methods and deliberate but overwork tendencies.

The eyes as they say are the windows to our soul. According to Chinese, it also show our true nature. I guess mine is medium-sized and based on what I read, it means balanced intelligence. I guess this relates to me being an extrovert and a quiet type sometimes. I remembered my former boss telling me that I have a tendency to shut off.

The meaning of nose is what intrigued me the most because it relates to our grasp on money. For an Asian, I believe mine is well-shaped which indicates that money will be no stranger to me. I hope in the near future it does!

My rounded-shaped ears mean I’m trustworthy, friendly and a social star which is overall true. My strength is becoming socially active and taking part in every endeavors.

My rosy pink lips means that I have a warm personality, so warm that it will melt all the ice in you.

This next is about the cheeks which I found negative in my part. According to it, the cheeks inform us and others of how we achieve our goals and whether we do it with grace or sheer ruthlessness. Since I have a high cheekbone, which is very prominent, it means power-hunger. Maybe in the corporate world, I am? Or tempted to be one? Pretty sure it depends on how I handle the power vested upon me.

The last facial part is chin which relates to stamina and determination. My protruding chin means I am strongly independent and determined individual. This I could be proud of because I know for a fact that I am one fearless girl who will climb her way up to success.

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