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Thursday, April 3, 2014

It may be because (and thanks) to genetics, I've never had acne problems my whole life. Of course, I've had the casual zit, but not to the point that it was a problem.

I don't consider my combination skin as being great, but I am thankful it is not causing me that stress. 
I am also always asked by co-workers especially, what do I do for my skin, so I thought of sharing this and might be able to help even just those that shares my skin type.

1. Do not use towels in drying up your face after washing. 
I learned this one from a friend from college. She had nice glowing skin, so I asked her what she does. Her answer was that, she always wipes her face with tissue paper! I tried it, and my skin had improved. It is logical actually, because towels could wipe out necessary oils from your skin (even if you don't rub it), not to mention the bacteria that stays on towels even after laundry.
2. Do not wash your face with facial wash everyday. 
Yes, you read that right. There are chemicals used on every product, and whatever it says on the bottle or on advertisements, it is still harmful for your skin.
I do not like to wash my face regularly with any of that toxins.
I do not go out of the house everyday, so I don't use make-ups and such. Therefore, no need to use facial wash everyday.  
2. Wash with warm water instead. 
I do not use facial wash everyday but I wash my face with warm water very thoroughly so the pores would open and rinse off the dirt. I then splash my face with cold water to close the pores and prevent excessive oil. 
3. Use make-up cleansers. 
You need to wash off all the make-up on your face without taking off the moisture from your skin. Make-up cleansers does that so use them to cleanse make-up and not a facial wash. I could use a facial wash after depending on how my skin is at that moment.
4. You do need to exfoliate. 
You need to use facial scrubs once a week to take off dead skin cells especially when you're using make-up everyday. If you don't (like me now), this is the time to use your facial wash then just scrub your face once a month.  I use toners depending how my skin is as well.
5. Make a hot mask. 
Just put a hand towel on hot water (around 42-44 deg celsius), and leave it on your face for 5-10 minutes. This helps the blood flow and prevent wrinkles. This apparently is effective when done twice a week. 
6. Sunscreen/Sunblock is a must. 
I am sure everyone of you knows this..
I use a BB cream with 50spf when I go out during the day, but I still add a sunblock before that, during the summer. I procastinated putting a sunscreen this winter when I go out to shop for groceries then I found the pigmented spot on my cheek got a bit larger. So listen to me for your skin's sake. Hehe. 
7. Moisturize when needed. 
I may hear a lot of contradictions regarding this, but I honestly do not moisturize everyday. I use one when I feel like I need one. That day comes depending on the weather and my hormonal balance. Moisturizers also contains chemicals. I believe that you need to take care of your skin but you should not spoil them. Our body is made perfectly with natural healing powers so let it do its job. 
8. Eat healthy. 
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know this is true! It is apparently more effective to eat veggies and fruits as your first meal of the day or before you eat every meal to absorb it's nutrients more.
During the summer last year, I tried eating 1 large tomato every lunch before eating my meal when I could. It did wonders, as my face got smoother, and had that healthy glow. 

I'd also like to hear additional (may be surprising or may be even weird) skincare advices you might want to share so just comment below then share our page! I'm giving away a Canmake Eyeshadow Palette to one lucky commenter! :)

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