23 Will Rock!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Say hello to the 23 year old me!

On April 15, I just celebrated my 23rd birthday. Yes! It seemed a bit different year by year because I couldn't imagine that I'm gradually getting old. 

Last year, I celebrated my birthday in Davao. It was my first time to celebrate it at work and without my family. Luckily, I got the chance to celebrate it at home this year. As usual, nothing extravagant. I received greetings here and there from those who really remembered my special day. 

My boyfriend arrived in the morning with a Tiramisu  cake. I also appreciated my sister cooking Carbonara for me. My closest buddies also came unexpectedly that's why I ordered boxes of pizza.

It was really simple yet I felt very happy with their presence.

On that day, I was also given a special gift... my little miss. She's the sole reason why everything felt new.

Cheers to me and another year for learning and achievements!

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