Your Colors: Soul Colors

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Having the opportunity to work in the hem of Fashion Industry, I became more aware of the importance of colors, not only fashion-wise, but in a total sense of our everyday lives. I bought a couple of books to guide me on how I'd be able to use colors in some aspect of our lives and I thought to share.

So first of, let us learn about our Soul Color. Now no, I am not talking about the colors that compliments you the most. Well I've read about that too, and the most easiest advice I could give you is - If you have a warm undertone, go for warm colors, and if you have a cool undertone, go for cool colors. Also, its better to choose a lighter hue for those who have dark skin and a darker hue to those who have a lighter skin. I have realised that although I like purple, a cool tone of purple is the colour that does not compliment my skin tone the most. I am sure you can find your own color match by trial and error. Hair color, eye color and make-up also helps a lot of course so I think this a looong enjoyable journey for us women! Salon trips, contact lenses, cosmetics shopping, anyone?

Going back, Soul Colors are are our color preference that often doesn't change over time. These colors apparently reveal some things about you like your strength and weaknesses. What are the colors that your attracted to most of the time?

Red: Impulsive, Excitable and Energetic. Insensitive and Irritable
Pink: Affectionate, Loving nature. Lack of will-power, Childlike.
Orange/Peach: Competent, Action-oriented. Impatient and Restless.
Yellow: Interesting and Stimulating. Sometimes promotes criticism and envy.
Green: Benevolent and Humanistic. Too cautious.
Light Blue: Creative, Perspective and Sensitive. Do things your own way.
Dark Blue: Intelligent and Self-Reliant. May lack play and relaxation.
Violet: Compassionate and sometimes too sensitive.
Purple: Intuitive and have high aspirations. Sometimes Arrogant.
White: Positive, Well-balanced, and Optimistic. May be a loner/lonely.
Gray: Self-sufficient with excellent Self Control. Isolate and make judgements.
Brown: Honest and Down-to-earth. Bottles up emotions.
Black: Strong-willed, Opinionated, Independent. Could also mean lack of confidence.

The color that I least like here is brown. Unless it would be for my eyeshadow, I never usually choose brown nowadays for my clothes. Heheh. I think it would be fun to pick a color of a trait that we like to be developed and balance out our true nature.

My next post regarding colors is how we choose colors depending on our moods and what kind of impression you make to others depending on the color you are wearing. :)

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