Fun With Trolls No More!

Friday, May 30, 2014

I hate you.
I do not want to hear you anymore.
People who do not know how to listen should be sentenced to die.
Please shut up.
Did I just frustrate you? Or disrupt with what you are doing? I hope not because that was not really the plan. I stumbled upon “trolling” and I was wondering if I will be an effective one.
Initially, I thought trolling is all about those trolls we have when we were still young. Frankly speaking, i do not like how the dolls look. It partly scares me and triggers an idea that it will do something bad to me at midnight. Relating how trolls look like to me, trolling means subjecting someone to frustration or a negative feeling. Since it aims to raise negative feelings, the idea of it is not really good.
Checking on your Facebook newsfeed, you may see some of your friends’ posts showing hatred to someone you do not know (or maybe yes). Sometimes you may also see words of insult which look inappropriate. Indeed, these posts are inappropriate. (I hope you can see some because I see a lot of it from my friends.)
These posts may be considered a form of cyberbullying since it aims to disrupt any online environment. Even if you are not the target of these posts, people who see these words will be disrupted and will be subjected to react in no time.
When I experienced this from some of my friends, I realized how powerful social networking sites can be not just for the good, old times with your friends but for the badass days with your frenemies as well. It may be an avenue for ranting but this should not be the case in the long run. Those rants should not be posted for the world to see, if I may say.
Trolling, as I have mentioned, just not aims to disrupt online discussions but to elicit response from the people involved as well. Since people are vulnerable to reacting to posts especially those which seem a bit off, the troller will take its role as a reacting machine constantly sending offensive posts or messages.
This undermines the role of the online environment as an avenue for strengthening ties among people. However, because we have the freedom to do what we want to and because anonymity in the Internet offers so much, we could just do nothing much about it.
All we can do is to be the most responsible users we can be of the technology we have. Weakening trolling entails patience since we are vulnerable to reacting to something in an instant. Reacting just for the sake of reacting should be minimized to avoid eliciting unnecessary and irrelevant responses from people we know and people we do not know.
Although playing with a person posting non-sense things online may be fun, it will eventually be no fun because it will be all non-sense. Entertaining trolling is another. These people will keep on posting such things when they know that people will be disrupted by their posts and these will further reinforce their actions.
Playing with trolls may be fun when we were still young. But playing with trolls (or trolling) is no fun. It reflects how we are as a person and our thinking towards other people. Eventually, it will also lead us to how we will be in the future.

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