The Changes Conquer It All!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When I was born twenty three years ago, the world witnessed the birth of one of the OrCommunicologists . I was not prepared to land on where I am now but I am happy because I have been part of a revolution where I play as the soldier with communication as my weapon.
I witnessed how technology rapidly changed the way society works. I saw the shift in power from the use of beepers to mobile phones and then to the wonderfully-crafted Internet. It may seemed old school but the changes happened so fast that it made me wonder what will happen a few years from now.
The advent of technology crafted the way people communicate with one another. It changed our way of living and it changed how we behave. Certainly, the changes directly affects the interaction of people with its surrounding.
Being knowledgeable about these things, I realized the changes pose responsibilities to me as a citizen of this world. 
The age of the Internet gave me a bird’s eye view of the dynamism of communication and behavior of people. It does not necessarily imposes people to use it, but the innate attraction gives people the urge to use it for whatever purposes it can give them.
As an OrCommunicologist, playing in this realm makes it more understandable to me why people make a fuzz out of something. It gives me the fuller view of how people behave, of how organizations behave and how these two interact. It is a world way different from the offline world. The Internet gave people the almost impossible world that we imagined way back, when there was still the existence of beepers and “ancient” gadgets.
And as much as we could do to the Internet, people should note that they are still who they are even if the Internet gives them all the power to conceal their identity. Being responsible creatures of this world, whatever there is that the world offers we should accept and take as a promising world to live at.

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