Passion For Fashion Goes On!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

We started to build our ideals when we were kids. Most of us, I assumed, wanted to be teachers, nurses and doctors. Growing up with my mom and grandmother who both know how to sew clothes, I was partly influenced to be a designer (although I admit I first wanted to be a doctor) and make people’s clothes. I even dreamed of becoming a model until I realized I am stuck with this height. This dream career was hyped up when I entered high school. I gained friends who dress really well and whose sense of fashion I really adore.
This dream of mine did not crash into ashes as I grew older. One of my professors in college and even colleagues would even compliment my sense of fashion. More so, at that point in time, I knew I would not land on that career. Not sooner than I wanted.
“Nothing is impossible when you want to achieve something” holds true to my case. Since we are in a technological age where everything seems impossible, I found ways to practice my passion in fashion.
Websites like and provided avenues for wanna-be fashion designers and models to strut off their style without the existence of those paparazzi and catwalk. These sites encouraged people like me to  expose their creativity and meet people with the same preferences.
Social networking sites also provide for this need. There exist such applications like Sorority Girl and Coco Girl which, although a bit childish, allows users to design the clothes of their avatars.
For some people like me, these applications and websites are not just mere games but avenues to vent out fashion prowess. For some, it may be an avenue just to show off all those non-sense things. Whatever it is that people think, this just shows that we are in the age where everything can be one-click away. Knowing how these tools can help us depends on our ability to discern and interpret.
It is a matter of choices and decisions.
And luckily, my passion for passion goes on!

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