Etsy Jewellery Finds

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I love to shop and window shop online, and recently, I am fond of window shopping at Etsy especially for jewelries. I have found a lot of pretties worth buying, so I thought I might share some!

Love Knot Gold-Filled Ring
I was looking for a pinky ring since I lost my last one, and I found this one.
The design is simple but yet I find it unique. 

Recycled Guitar String Aquamarine Bangle
Would you believe these are made from recycled guitar strings?! 
And best of all, it has my birthstone -Aquamarine.

They also sell matching hoop earrings!

Sea Glass Necklace
Aren't these sea glass colors lovely?
I remember collecting sea glasses when we go out of town and visit the sea with my father. I find them really pretty. I'd like to think of something romantic when picking up sea glasses as a child. I never thought they were just broken glasses that smoothed!

Handmade Time Turner Necklace
My inner Harry Potter fanatic has chosen this necklace. It is handmade and not really exactly like the real one, so I think it's fun to see who would notice and who would not!

Delicate Rose Plated Ear Cuff
My search for the perfect ear cuff started when I saw a simple ribbon ear cuff on Pinterest early last year. Then a friend was also wearing a pretty one with pearls. I was looking for something dainty, and maybe this one is it. 

Hmmm... I think the battle is between the Ear Cuff and the Aquamarine bangle...

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