Buzz It Here And There!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I heard gossips. I participated in some. I have even been part of those talked-about behind-my-back. I know. It is normal. What is the use of these? What will it generate after? Fame? Fun? Or just nothing?
The Anatomy of Buzz by Emanuel Rosen tells us what buzz is, how it came to be in this world of ours and how people can generate more of it for the company’s sake.
Buzz grows like virus. It grows as fast as the length gossips make to reach the people on the other end of the world. Thinking about how it spreads seems easy, doing what to buzz is the difficult part.
Creating the right message to the right audience in the right time is the key to a successful and organically generated buzz. This will ensure that the message will get across people the way you want it and people will share the message because they want it and they find the message either relevant or entertaining. Since people has the natural instinct to just talk about anything at almost anytime, it would be no problem if you have THE MESSAGE.
Companies mostly participate in generating buzz for their success or for the product’s success. It is important to note that customers, when gained positive experience from using the product or service, will most likely buzz about it because they believe in it.
When one believes in something, it will entice other people to do the same thing. The buzz will serve as a magnet that keeps on attracting other people to join, like and share it.
How will we able to sustain the buzz generating?
Do not give it all! Ironic, huh? But that is the key! Generating and sustaining buzz means partly exciting the people by giving them limited amount of those talked-about things.
Well! Gossiping can be a way to generate buzz if the message is something relevant. It can help a company generate a buzz for itself. It can, however, create bad publicity if not used correctly.
So buzz right, and you will see!

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