Acing the Winged Eyeliner

Sunday, May 18, 2014

To all girls out there, I know the difficulty you experienced in acing that winged eyeliner! I have been able to do mine when I was in college using a Youtube tutorial. Below is the best image to illustrate how it's done.

1. Decide how you want your winged eyeliner to look like. Also, decide if you want it thin or thick. I usually depend it on my application on the first eye. For some, you can also use a tape or spoon to trace the wing.

You can either open or close your eyes when applying. I open mine when I apply it because it's easier although it entails more precision so that it will look good and parallel with the other eye.

2. Start in the center (the easiest) when applying.

3. Thenmove outwards to meet the wing.

4. Fill in the space with the liquid eyeliner you're using.

5. Draw from the innermost of the eyes up to the center.

6. Fill in the space then voila!

Right now, I am using Snoe Eye Boop Liquid Eyeliner. It's really affordable and looks good on me. It doesn't chip or smudge either.

(C) Snoe Beauty Inc

Here's a photo of mine with a winged eyeliner. It's my photo during our Halloween Craze at work.

Hope I gave you an easy tip to look good. 

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