"There's no such thing as ready."

Friday, May 16, 2014

Time, as precious as we all know, is something of great value to me. It didn't come to me that this will happen. I never thought this will happen.

This is unexpected.

Being a mom at the age of 23 makes me somewhat scared of other people's opinion. During the pregnancy, I thought I was ready. When I welcomed her to this world, I thought I was ready. But I wasn't.

Supporting my family and supporting my daughter are two difficult things, more difficult when combined together. I have to set a good model to my other siblings while being rationally strict to them. I have to make quality time with my little miss too. I have to be there while she achieves all her firsts milestones. I have to work in a compressed workshift. I have to make time to connect with my mom and sister abroad. 

I have to do all this. I may not be ready to fulfill this jampacked roles but there's no time to wait. There's no transition time for me to wait. I can't let time wait for me either.

I guess all that's happening to me now are blessings in disguise to make me be better, to make me well-rounded, and to stretch my tolerance of pain. 

It is true that all of us holds different kind of problems. We may not feel the same as the others are feeling but one common thing is the need to strengthen one's self.

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