My Lucky Charms

Friday, May 2, 2014

When I first worked for a Chinese-owned mobile phone company in Manila, I was pretty much amazed by how they use Chinese astrology to predict a lot of work-related stuff.

They hire people based on their birthdays. It tells something about the characteristic of the prospective employee and its compatibility with the employed ones.Well, I was lucky enough to get in. They also use this certain calendar with all the good and bad days written in it. We would check the calendar and plot dates based on the goodness of the day. We would even not hold an event if it falls on a bad day. Weird, eh?

The most influential thing, I guess, is the use of Bazi chart to predict some part of my life. I also knew that people born under the sign of Horse and Rabbit are my best friends. My former boss would even advise me to well horse and rabbit trinkets to be lucky. As a Ying Metal, she would also advise me to wear anything in white, silver and metallic colors.

From then on, I always take into consideration the color combination I'm wearing. I also got used to checking stuff with horse or rabbit prints in it.

As I browse through Polyvore, here are the cutest and luckiest trinkets I wish I could have.

Horse Print Dip-back Tshirt
Horse Charm Necklace
Betsey Johnson Vintage Bow Rocking Horse Chandelier Earrings
Horse Print Pocket Watch
Coach Horse and Carriage Narrow Belt in Calf Skin
Charlotte Olympia Year of the Rabbit Pandora Persplex Clutch
Flip Book Necklace


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